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Month: December 2017

Roman Orans Sml

Eucharistic Prayers in Common (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of Eucharistic Prayers in Common. I encourage you to read Part 1 first. Some people will think that what stands in the way of an ecumenical Eucharistic Prayer is disagreement around transubstantiation. Ecumenical agreements on the Eucharist would not concur. Transubstantiation, if taken literally, comes from an Aristotelian metaphysics that can

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What is Consecration?

I had promised a continuation of the consecration discussion, and I want to do this now before this site’s Summer slowdown. Do go back to the post about consecration first. I must admit to more questions and points of discussion than answers. I think my underlying question is: what does “consecration” do? When bishops consecrate

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Christmas Mafa Sml

Christmas Resources

Let us pray (in silence) [that through celebrating the Incarnation we will deepen our relationship with Christ] pause God, year by year you make us glad with the hope of our redemption, grant that we who joyfully receive your only begotten Son as our Redeemer may with sure confidence behold him when he comes as

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