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Alternatives to Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI is not the flavour of the month in some contexts. So if you are looking for an alternative for pope, might I suggest Pope Michael I:

“Pope Michael” Trailer from Pope Michael Documentary on Vimeo.

Pope Michael I
Pope Michael I
David Bawden was elected Pope Michael I in Kansas in 1990. According to him and his followers, Pope John XXIII, Paul VI and John Paul I were all heretics. They could not therefore appoint Cardinals so by 1990, there was only one true cardinal left. He was a modernist so he couldn’t elect a Pope. Faithful Catholics were bound, under pain of mortal sin, for the good of the Church, to elect a Pope themselves. Catholics who subjected themselves to any of these false popes can’t vote. Traditionalists are not true Catholics and all their ordinations are invalid so they can’t vote. Therefore, six people met July 16, 1990 in Belvue, Kansas in the United States in a store owned by the Bawden family and legitimately elected him the Pope. This included himself and his parents, a Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hunt, and Teresa Stanfill-Benns, who had been the main motivator of the conclave. Pope Michael I is not ordained.

Teresa Stanfill-Benns has since withdrawn her support because laity cannot under any circumstance participate in the election of a pope, and a layman cannot be Pope. Pope Michael has condemned her work as heresy and she has been excommunicated.

A documentary is being produced about the pope.

More information from the Vatican in exile. And the now-archived site (click on the image to go further in).
Become a friend on the pope’s facebook page (position: pope).
This link is clearly the photo of an imposter.
ps. in his writings Pope Michael I justifies wearing a mitre without being a bishop, but I see no justification of his wearing a stole without being ordained?

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11 thoughts on “Alternatives to Pope Benedict XVI”

  1. First, I’m not the Michael you are writing about.

    Some years ago, I came across so many alternative popes that I started to write an article on them. I believe that, at that time, I found eleven.

  2. Why would an Anglican need an alternative to the Pope?

    [quote]From all sedicion and prievie conspiracie, from the tyranny of the Bysshop of Rome and al hys detestable enormities, from all false doctrine and heresy, from hardnesse of hearte, and contempte of thy woorde and commaundemente.
    Good Lorde, deliver us.[/quote]

  3. It is difficult to decide how to react to (often sincere, sometimes extremely nutty) people like this, but it is thought-provoking. So are the comments from someone on another site…

    “I think he looked over the rules of the church very carefully and honestly decided that they had been violated. He seems very sincere and humble. All religions come out of former religions and are usually led by a small group who believes their interpretation is better or more correct. Pope Michael is just continuing a long tradition of starting a new church. The protestants do it all the time…”

    People are generally used to splinter groups, and expect those with different ideas keeping to themselves (or excommunicating their friends when they disagree). That mindset isn’t healthy. For another denomination to simply offer a line for those wanting to jump ship isn’t the answer, and probably perpetuates the worst of the problems because they will bring with them an attitude to problem-solving that is limited (and contrary to Sunday’s Acts reading!). So what can be done? Can (say) Anglicans counsel and console RC’s who have been damaged by abuse, or Sallies help and heal people like Michael/David and Teresa, _without_ trying to convert them? Would it work? Would it be accepted as ethical? Hmmm.

  4. Christian Cleveland

    The Italians did hog the limelight at papal elections for so long, although I admit that I’ve adjusted now to Polish and German papal accents. However, accustoming myself to the lackadaisical tones of a Kansas accent rolling forth from the pontifical lips like tumbleweeds blowing over the prairies may take a little longer to get attuned to. Well, I just hope that this genuine pope o’ yonder keeps hollerin’ his message ‘cause him and his momma seems like nice folks to me.

  5. David Bawden humble and sincere? Obviously no one here knows him. Try asking his Kansas family, or the other some 20 plus followers who left him in 2007-2008. Or contact the equal number of Ohio followers, two of them “cardinals,” who departed in 2000.

    I have never taught that a layman could not become pope – I have said only that BAWDEN, who would never qualify under the pre-1958 Church standards as a candidate for the priesthood on several different counts, was never papal material, something he neglected to convey prior to his false “election.” Pope Pius XII taught in his address Six ans se sont that a layman could be elected, but could ACCEPT such election only if he was FIT (yes David, fit, used in numerous Church documents) for ordination and willing to be ordained.

    In 1986, Bawden sent a public letter to “Friends” admitting that he became a schismatic when he joined the St. Pius X Society. This is public and notorious. He also later participated in what he himself termed as the services of a non-Catholic religion for several months in 1988- 1989. The Church has always taught that if one recognizes their own crime and publicly admits it he/she is a heretic. The papal bull Cum ex Apostolatus Offico declares he was never elected based on the admission of his heresy.

    As for the excommunication he issued against me, he is no more qualified to formally declare someone a heretic than the local dog catcher. He did this following my expose of two online heresies he committed in office, something the Catholic Church teaches can never happen — if a man is a true pope, that is. Christ taught us to judge not by appearances, but by fruits. Appearances are all you get on the Internet. If you want to know about fruits, try asking the people he once called his flock.

    For more information, google Debunking the David Bawden Hoax.

    T. Benns

  6. Thank you, Teresa, I couldn’t have said it better. Too bad people aren’t more into Truth, instead of just wanting to please everyone.

  7. Benito Testa

    I konverted to Katholik fate tanks two Pope Michael of Kansas, U.S.A.

    He is pure, humble, cordial, poor and down to earth material.

    His mother shows the good of the Church twoday.

    Blessed is Michael Summum Pontificum.

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