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The Lord’s Prayer in Elvish

The Quenya translation is by J.R.R. Tolkien (published in Vinyar Tengwar #43).

Átaremma i ëa han ëa,
na aire esselya,
aranielya na tuluva,
na care indómelya
cemende tambe Erumande.
Ámen anta síra ilaurëa massamma,
ar ámen apsene úcaremmar
sív’ emme apsenet tien i úcarer emmen.
Álame tulya úsahtienna
mal áme etelehta ulcullo.

The Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic

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6 thoughts on “The Lord’s Prayer in Elvish”

  1. Thanks for adding my video recording! I’ve just graduated as a master of theology, and I wrote my thesis on God in Tolkien’s legendarium. I’m a Finnish Lutheran, so the thesis is in Finnish. I’ll probably translate it into English sooner or later. But here’s a part of it (on God’s names in Elvish) I’ve already translated: http://www.petritikka.com/elvish/God-s_Names_in_Elvish.pdf And here’s the abstract: http://www.petritikka.com/abstract.doc

    1. As someone who wants to write his thesis on a similar topic (religion, myth, and magic in Tolkien’s legendarium) as an English student, your passion for Tolkien is inspiring!

  2. tried to translate everything into quenya script, but the words “(na care)”- i don’t think was translated as “be done” it seems more like “was” done, so could it be “na car?”— i’m only half way hopefully i’ll show you guys the script i made then if i made a lot of mistakes please tell me, i’d like to know 🙂

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