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Disciplines for the Desert Journey Sml

Desert Disciplines for Lent

Disciplines for the Desert Journey

Monasteries and monastics draw from desert spirituality. They express disciplines that we, outside monastery walls, can draw on also. Some of these disciplines are expressed in vows of stability, obedience, ongoing conversion,…

The Associates of Kopua Monastery are offering a Quiet Day in Lent on Saturday 23 March from 9:30am – 3:30pm at Te Waiora House Christian Retreat Centre
236 Hororata Road, Hororata.

I will be giving some short addresses, and there will be time for silence and shared prayer.

Costs to be covered by Koha.

For more information – and to let us know you are coming:
Nicky – Tel. 021 267 8795 volunteers@christchurchcathedral.co.nz
Dawn – Tel. 027 229 9779 dawnharris0106@gmail.com
Accommodation is available on the Friday and/or Saturday night.

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2 thoughts on “Desert Disciplines for Lent”

  1. Sorry I’m not anywhere near New Zealand. I’d like to do a contemplative retreat one of these days.

    I’ve tried for a few years to encourage people in my church to engage more fully in the Psalms during Lent. To make it easy for them, we have what’s known as the psalm-o-matic, which is an email service that provides a random psalm to one’s inbox every morning (US time). If any of your followers are interested, suggest they send an email to psalms_liturgy@fccr-ace.org and place the words “subscribe for lent” in the subject line.

    I hope it’s ok for me to post here. If not, please let me know…or just delete! 😉

    1. I think that’s seriously cool, Larry, and I will add that to the resources in my post tomorrow for Lent resources. I am a psalm nut – I think they provide a “simulation” and stimulation of and for life. Blessings.

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