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Thomas Merton – Day of a Stranger – Film

Day of a Stranger // Teaser from transcendental media on Vimeo.

Yesterday, an e-friend let me know that there’s a film being developed on Thomas Merton’s hermit years – based around his tape recordings. That made my day! I wasn’t even aware of these hermitage tapes. The video above is a teaser for what it will be like.

I immediately sent them support towards producing it. I hope you will too.

I serve as Chaplain at the school (Christ’s College) where Thomas Merton’s dad (Owen) received his secondary education. I have had a strong interest in Thomas Merton since I was a teenager. In 2006, I set in motion the process for adding Thomas Merton to the Calendar of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia.

Day of a Stranger website
Support the film
[I initially had a problem making a donation using Visa – since I have had a discussion with the bank, you may not have this problem now – if issues persist, using PayPal will bypass this]

Day of a Stranger facebook page

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You can explore further about Thomas Merton on this website with:
Thomas Merton and Christ’s College
Merton @ Merton celebration
Feast of Thomas Merton
The Journey of Thomas Merton
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Thomas Merton (2)
Centenary of the Birth of Thomas Merton

On 10 December, it will be 50 years since Thomas Merton’s death.

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