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The Catholic Youth Bible

The Catholic Youth Bible: International Edition : New Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition Not just for Roman Catholics! Here is another excellent Bible for intelligent young people.

There is no perfect translation of the Bible into English. But, all things considered, the NRSV is the best.

In this particular publication there are introductions to the major sections of the Bible and all the books of the Bible. There are sections to Live it! Pray it! Did you know? It has more than 275 articles on contemporary issues and biblical scholarship. Biblical connections are made to many different cultures. There are 5 special indexes, an outline of the Sunday readings of the three-year lectionary, 10 colour maps, a glossary of scripture-related terms, and a 4-page colour timeline. It is illustrated throughout. There are articles that address the principles of social teaching, and others that give insights into how Christians have interpreted certain passages throughout history.

Buy it. Read it. Pray it. Study it. Live it.

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