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Bishop Jim White

Habemus Blogem

Making tracts

I regularly rant and rave about the church and its leadership not moving into the new world of the third millennium – web 2.0. So it is only fitting that I celebrate another of our bishops picking up the discipline of blogging.

Bishop Jim White
Bishop Jim White
Bishop Jim White, Assistant Bishop of Auckland, is a friend of mine; I appreciate his quiet wisdom, his honesty, integrity, and his sense of humour. He has just begun blogging under the title Making Tracts.

Please join me in encouraging him.

Jim, our presence in this new land of the Internet may often not feel fruitful, and regularly be frustrating as we learn this new language, culture, and geography, and also try to translate what we have received and continue to receive into this. But, I believe we need to be here, and often we receive far more than we give, and find spiritual community here in ways that surprise us.

Jim says

I am a husband, father, bishop in the anglican church, and pilgrim making my way with sometimes not enough fear and trembling and sometimes way too much.

Rangitoto is my mountain and the Waitamata are my waters. When I see them or swim in them I know that I am home.

I have anglo-catholic leanings – which means I am all for solemn bows and probably should be more for prostration.

I think of myself as orthodox in my beliefs but I note that there are many who have different beliefs to mine and they claim the same title.

When it comes to the title of this blog it obviously gives a little nod to the Anglo-Catholic tracts but it also plays with the title of a favourite Sam Hunt poem, “Making Tracks.”

Kia whakapaingia te Atua.
Let us give thanks to God.

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4 thoughts on “Habemus Blogem”

  1. That is very kind Bosco. Thank you.
    I hadn’t thought of blogging as ‘a discipline’ – perhaps it can give me reason to bear more patiently and prayerfully with my weakness when it comes to navigating WordPress.

    1. Jim, those times when blogging feels like “a rod for your back” and when one struggles with difficult comments – this is a discipline. I have tried a number of platforms, you have chosen the one I think is the best. This is a WordPress site. When you get stuck how to do something, go to YouTube and search for “how to ??? with WordPress”. Enjoy this new part of your journey. Blessings.

    2. Ah, Jim, thank your lucky stars you didn’t start out with Blogger. If I knew how to transfer my blogger blogs … (Please, folks… I am too lazy to even try, so save your breath.) I agree with Bosco that you have chosen well. Or fallen on good ground!

      Bosco, I love the title of this post!

  2. There is a new groundswell of evangelism. Social media through either Face Book, Twitter and Blogging are leading the way to reaching millions of people. The church is slowly beginning to embrace the concept, using it initially as a tool to keep parishioners informed on events within the parish and diocese.
    Slowly, some more adventurous ministers, share their thoughts in the variety of tools available on the Net. Our Canon Hugh Bright has a weekly comment on portions of the Bible which are currently being read, a pre-cursive talk for the following address on Sunday service.
    The operative words are “Sharing & Information”, the world out there has developed an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, and Social media is one tool which is filling that need. A word of caution though, the information needs to come from a reliable source, wrong information can do immeasurable harm.
    People who have never considered being a Christian, are now being challenged daily while they surf the net.
    The thirst for knowledge will not be denied.

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