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Month: April 2018

PayWave Giving Sml

Cashless Giving

Previously, I’ve written about a Salvation Army officer using portable PayWave. St Paul’s Anglican Cathedral in Melbourne has several PayWave stands (see picture above) with which anyone can give a $5 donation as they go past – simply hold your card to the box. The Christchurch Anglican Transitional Cathedral has a similar (if slightly more

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God’s Will and GPS Navigation

I recently needed to rent a car. It had a wonderful GPS navigation system. There would be a very-far-away, ultimate destination – and it would plot a route. I could specify shortest, fastest, avoid tolls, avoid motorways, etc. Sometimes, I wouldn’t follow the system’s instructions. Sometimes, there were significant new changes and there was a

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Still Doubting

Second Sunday of Easter

Let us pray (in silence) [that through the fifty days of Easter, the Risen Christ will touch and transform our lives] pause Grant, we pray, O God, [or Almighty God] that we, who share in the paschal celebrations, may, through your goodness, hold fast to them in the way we live our lives; through Jesus

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