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I recently needed to rent a car. It had a wonderful GPS navigation system. There would be a very-far-away, ultimate destination – and it would plot a route. I could specify shortest, fastest, avoid tolls, avoid motorways, etc.

Sometimes, I wouldn’t follow the system’s instructions. Sometimes, there were significant new changes and there was a better way to follow… Very rarely the system said I should do a U-turn. Mostly, if I departed from its instructions, it simply recalculated and incorporated my changes, or the changes to the landscape and geography, and produced a new way to get to my final destination.

I think it’s a good model for God’s will.

There is a final destination that God’s will has in mind for each of us – union with God, deification, or however you might describe it… heaven even…

God’s initial plan might have been that you best reach this by marrying A and training for Job B. But you fell in love with C and didn’t put in the effort required for B and so worked for years as a D. Well, it is not as if God calls you to divorce C, break up A’s marriage, and start afresh with A as was in the original plan – quite the opposite. God simply recalculates how you can now best reach your ultimate goal with C and working as a D.

Sure, occasionally there is a call for a U-turn. You’ve ended up in a dead-end street in your life, and there is no other way to proceed but by going back.

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