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13 thoughts on “apple or cross?”

  1. Questionable symbolism as you say – not so much a clash but mixed meanings. Yes, take a bite out of life – but the knowledge of good and evil too? Perhaps a kiwi would have been more appropriate?

  2. ok I’ll bite … makes me think of Sleeping Beauty (if I’m honest the Disney version). I guess there is a genesis link too, but first thought is … hi ho hi ho ….

    1. Mark–That’s Snow White! LOL! You even had the 7 dwarfs song correct!

      Sorry…this preacher is a wannabe princess! 🙂

  3. At first look at the photograph, I though “computer store” for some reason. Then, “maybe health food store or gym.” “Church” never entered my mind.

  4. Apple is symbol that it’s all gone wrong.

    Cross symbol that it’s been put right again.

    I know which I’d prefer as the abiding image.

  5. That is just wrong.The antidote to the fall is baptism . . .not another bite at the apple! If that were the case, we could all be redeemed by just sinning more. Hey, wait a minute. I think that could actually so work for me 😉

  6. the crucifix tells of his deep deep love, not an empty cross – an empty tomb is what we celebrate – that in God we can can rise above whatever…….

  7. And the woman saw the apple so beautiful. Apples are always appealing to the eyes but dangerous to the soul.
    Many will enter that church and they will walk out broken.

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