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Logo A
Logo A

I have been designing a logo for this website. I now have some variants, and I would be interested to hear which you like and why.

Logo B
Logo B

So please vote for one of these three, and in the comments you can give reasons why you prefer one over the others.

Logo C
Logo C

The logo, of course, will normally be seen in the much smaller format that I have placed below.

Thanks for your feedback.

Logo A small
Logo A
Logo B small
Logo B
Logo C small
Logo C






My thanks to Jonathan Peters who implemented my design.

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26 thoughts on “Website Logo”

    1. B is a thinner cross, Br David. It more closely follows the curves of the Canterbury Cross. C has the same size cross as A – without the Canterbury square in the middle, discussion led to that slightly larger look. Blessings.

      1. Until you mentioned that there was a cross, I could’t see one. Now I do.

        B is my choice, A looks incomplete and C the cross is harder to distinguish in the design with those fat crossbars.

  1. Rev Thurlow Weed

    The second design (B) seems to have a more refined elegance to it. A more slender cross is formed by the leaves. The bulkier cross in (C) looks a bit clunky. I do not care for (A) as the gaps around the leaves give the impression of a broken [blue] circle.

    Thus (B) is my choice.

    1. I agree. I find the slimmer cross of B more attractive. Although A avoids the interference between the green and the blue, it does so at the expense of visually elevating the green and taking attention away from the cross. I would have liked to have seen at least a hint of the Canterbury square.

      1. I am not sure how to have such a “hint”, Andrew, or it would be there. Adding such a hint, as far as I can see, would be at the expense of the leaves, and increase fussiness. But I’d be really interested if you, or anyone else, can describe how a “hint” might be included. Blessings.

        1. I’d carve the corners of the square out of the inner part of the leaves. That way the cross would stay white and (in my mind’s eye) sit on top of the leaves. I’ll see if I can fiddle with it on the weekend but too busy writing an essay about this blog as we speak! 🙂

  2. I can’t really decide! All are beautiful. I like A just for reasons of optics; the breaks around the leaves give it a little more interest by creating rhythm, or movement.

    B : because the arms of the cross are narrower, it has a woven quality which is interesting. (Actually all three have this quality of the cross, sky, and earth being knitted or woven together) .

    In B — your eye is kind of drawn in. Whereas in A , the flow is out. In fact, the more I look at them I kind of start to like B the best!

    The cross in C seems to burst forth more than it does with the other two. So that’s a major point in C’s favor.

    I love the circle of blue, the green leaves and the white cross in the center. It has a lot of symbolism. The circle of blue is like the vault of heaven, or the ceiling of God’s blue sky over all earthly creation (the leaves). It’s got that foreground/background thing going on.

    As i said, when you see the cross, it almost moves out and shines. Very inspired!

  3. When reduced to the size you’d actually use them(the small pictures under the poll daddy voting machine) there’s no difference between B and C, and A looks the ‘cleanest’ because the colours don’t bleed into each other. (As the saying goes – ‘Blue with green should never be seen, unless there’s a colour in between’.)

    1. Difference is another one of those things that’s “in the eye of the beholder” methinks. I chose B over C based on my comparison of the smaller images.

    2. Yes – agree. The white lines lift the green ‘leaves’ up off the blue circle. If the smaller logo series represents the likely size in use, then I would opt for A, for the better blue-green edge-definition that the white line provides.

      Nice work!

  4. Go with B. A is too “dislocated” in terms of its “parts” and to some degree the cross is an optical illusion – so it’s not easy to “see” – but maybe that’s the point!

    Is the whole thing an image of the Trinity?

  5. I know you said you’ve been playing with the design, ever think of instead of all green did you try each piece being a different Liturgical color?

    1. Yes, I tried ideas including that, but found it too complex, too busy. These are the colours used in the latest rebuild of the site after experimenting and consulting. Blessings.

  6. I prefer C. I like the balance of the colors… taking the symbolism in many directions. The touching colors represent the unity…. The larger cross is a greater presence of the Spirit. The Spirit touching all things of earth- green, air and water – blue. All life giving… Renewal…Reinvigorating like Liturgy… Thanks you for your time on Facebook!

  7. A is my favorite because optically it is the cleanest and avoids bleeding the green and the blue together (which are related colors to begin with, since green is just blue with yellow added to it — and so they tend to compliment, rather than contrast, each other on the color wheel). It reduces the best in terms of visual legibility when reduced in size.

  8. Gillian Trewinnard

    I like the second design – B – because the cross at the centre was easier to notice without the white outlining around the green parts (in A), and the centre or ‘waist’ of the cross is narrower than in C.

  9. How nice of you to consult us, Bosco!

    I had to look at all three before I tweaked on the “hidden” cross (which is much more obvious in the smaller versions). It’s a bit like the FedEx arrow.

    I thought C had the nicest proportions overall. While the white borders of A are nifty, they distract slightly from the overall effect, especially at the smaller size.

  10. I entered A in the poll but B is a close second

    A because of the defined edge between blue and green (although this could be a thinner white line?)

    B over c as the cross looks more intentional than void space especially in the thumbnail sizes

    I would be tempted to thin the blue band in B [as this in relation to the leaves could change the feel- although not having given this much thought it is just another possibility]

    ps great to see some consultation, especially around such a ‘major’ change 😛

  11. I like the second one, a suggestion that the white cricifix may stand out if it had a slight 3d shadow or blue half point border……

  12. C
    To my eyes the cross is easier to see, and keep seeing, without concentrating.

    Sorry I missed earlier discussion, I missed the significance of the color assignment in the iconography. Just to ask, why not the 4 blue rivers of Paradise going out to water the green Earth? Just asking.

    Blessing to you Fr. Bosco.

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