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Anglican Eucharist in New Zealand

You can read my thesis

Anglican Eucharist in New ZealandI am delighted to announce the online version of my thesis, The Anglican Eucharist in New Zealand 1814-1989. Until now this was only available through libraries or from me.

This is the amazing, 175 year story starting from the first service of Holy Communion in 1814 in Aotearoa New Zealand; through ritual controversies, fights, disputes, and ecclesiastical court cases; parishioners throwing the processional cross in the river because they objected to the novelty of having a procession; to the heady quarter of a century that culminated in A New Zealand Prayer Book He Karakia Mihinare o Aotearoa (carefully and clearly presenting draft by draft through the various revisions). The story is from one of the most liturgically conservative, conforming Anglican churches to being one of the most radical and varied.

You can download the thesis here (7MB) or read it online at Scribd (or download it from there).

This thesis was abbreviated as a 44 page Joint Liturgical Study, Alcuin GROW #21 The Anglican Eucharist in New Zealand, 1814-1989.

Many of you know that I have trying to convert the digital version of my thesis from the Wordstar file on five-and-a-quarter-inch floppy disks (from the days when “cut and paste” actually was cut and then paste – with glue). Some of you have been offering me suggestions on how to convert the Wordstar file to third-millennium technology. But yesterday, having made some more time on Waitangi Day (our national holiday), after working on this for some time some more, I finally abandoned this direction, and surprised myself with how easy it was to produce the PDF of the thesis instead.

So enjoy reading the story.

As well as this blog post announcing the online availability of my thesis, I have produced a permanent page for it: The Anglican Eucharist in New Zealand 1814-1989.

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12 thoughts on “You can read my thesis”

  1. Glad you achieved what you wanted to do, by a different route. I will post your thesis to my ipad and have a good go at reading it this afternoon between Wellington meetings. Thanks Bosco!

  2. Hello Bosco

    I have been studying how the Eucharist works and I was aware of your Grove Booklet. I have been thinking that I needed to get a copy of that.
    I have just reached a stage where I need to read this material, so your timing was excellent.
    Thank you for you web-site and the passion with which you populate it.


  3. Dear Rev. Bosco Peter
    I am a high school chaplain in Kenya under presbyterian church. I would like to discuss with you some confidential issues about my chaplainacy here in Kenya. kindly link up with me on that email then we will talk more. thank you in advance.

  4. Dear Peters,

    My name is Nareshchandra Rai. Currently, I live in Essex, England.

    I have been attending churches occasionally to learn positive knowledge and share love with other people. However, I have not had baptised yet.

    Two months ago, I was in a church in a place called Grays in Essex, where my relatives go and pray every Saturday. Unaware that an unbaptised person should not take communion, I took it. It was twice. Next time, I heard a paster saying that having communion prior to baptism will result in death. I am now really worried about the consequences of my unawareness. Could you please advise how can I get rid of this consequences? Thank you very much for your suggestion.

    With best regards,


    1. Dear Naresh. I do not believe the consequence you describe – that this pastor teaches. I have not heard such a teaching. Go and talk this through with someone you trust – it is difficult to talk this through with someone you have never met, on the internet, half a planet away. As part of that, you could consider being baptised. I will pray for you. Please pray for me.

  5. No doubt you know the book ‘Short Introductions to the Bible Readings for the Revised Common Lectionary, Years A, B & C: A Resource for the Readers at the Lectern’ by Bill Bennett since it seems to be based on the NZ version of the RCL. Sorry to bother you with such a mundane question, but, since I do not know its content, does it provide intros for the OT readings in both streams in Ordinary time after Pentecost? Many thanks in advance should you get a chance to answer this query.

    1. Thanks, Keith. I don’t think I own this on my shelf – other readers here might know; and I will also pass on the question. Blessings.

  6. Many thanks, Bosco. Appreciate the help. Wasn’t sure how well known the book is even if it is a New Zealand author down your way! But again, no hurry. Trust it’s a blessed Sunday for you as my Saturday winds down.

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