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Lent resources

LentI’m collecting links here to resources for Lent. Especially for those who are not regulars here.

Please remember to click on the different tabs on the menu above; hover over them to see sub-menus, use the search box in the top right to find what you are looking for.

Please add other resources, including your own, in the comment box below.


Shrove Tuesday (day before Lent)

We give up “Alleluia” during Lent (and, since we cannot say the word, refer to it as the “A” word).

Alleluias we now forfeit in this holy time of Lent. Alleluias we relinquish as we for our sins repent, A Hymn for Shrove Tuesday We do not use the Gloria (“Glory to God in the highest…”) in the Eucharist in Lent.
Reflection on Shrove Tuesday
The quaint practice of getting eggs to make pancakes to use up the eggs we give up (to allow them to hatch in Northern Spring!)…
Mardi Gras – “fat Tuesday”

Ash Wednesday and beyond

Ash Wednesday – A Service for the Beginning of Lent
A few simple suggestions for during Lent
What is Lent – especially translating it to the Southern Hemisphere
Palm Sunday/ Passion Sunday
Maundy Thursday (Holy Thursday)
Good Friday

The catechumenate

For communities that follow a catechumenal process in which Lent is central:

Lenten preparation (catechumenate)
receiving the Lord’s Prayer (catechumenate)
receiving the creed (catechumenate)
enrolment for baptism (catechumenate)

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14 thoughts on “Lent resources”

      1. Here ya go, Bosco:


        Also here, which gives more specifics:


        It would be interesting to know when this “split” on whether or not to sing/say Alleluia occurred. One more of those little things that differentiates East from West: leavened bread (always) for Liturgy, the creed (as the “one church” originally agreed) states that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father.

        I’ll see if I can find out when/how this Alleluia in Lent changed. Because it seems to me a big deal on a theological level. (I like its use in Lent very much!) With Pascha (Easter) celebrated with/marked by stamping of feet over and over as we sing Christ is risen: “Trampling Down Death by Death” (over and over and over and over!). Multiple, multipe times during the night Liturgy. (Very moving actually.)

      2. There is also a wonderful book on Great Lent: Journey to Pascha by Alexander Schmemann (departed, beloved liturgist, a writer highly recommended by Thomas Merton):


        Chapter 2 starts with a discussion of Bright Sadness – which he views as the great gift of Lent.

        You may also be interested in The Lenten Spring by Thomas Hopko:


        Which includes many of the beautiful prayers/theological reflections during Lent.

        Peace be with you. And many blessings!

        1. Thanks for these – I will definitely follow up on your recommendations. Blessings.

          [A reminder to other readers reading this – please use your ordinary name. TheraP is an exception, along with a couple of others. Known to me and the reasons why.]

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