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Preparing for Lent

Currently one of the most visited page on this site is “Ash Wednesday”. People are starting to seriously prepare for Lent. Please add in the comments section below your ideas, resources, websites, hymns, prayers – anything which will help us all, together, in our preparations for Lent. Here are some links to start off:

Shrove Tuesday – the Tuesday prior to Lent (Tuesday Feb 16 2010)

Ash Wednesday – A Service for the Beginning of Lent

A few simple suggestion during Lent

What is Lent – especially translating it to the Southern Hemisphere

Palm Sunday/ Passion Sunday

Maundy Thursday (Holy Thursday)

Good Friday

For communities that follow a catechumenal process in which Lent is central:

Lenten preparation (catechumenate)
receiving the Lord’s Prayer (catechumenate)
receiving the creed (catechumenate)
enrolment for baptism (catechumenate)

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9 thoughts on “Preparing for Lent”

  1. Here’s one:

    A Lenten Calendar for children and youth.This year, the design is in the form of a board game and journey. The calendar is 11″ x 17″ and can be printed in-house on either a color or black and white copier. Or, you can have them printed at your local printer. The calendar connects our blessings to the needs of the
    world. You can use it to collect pennies for Haiti or other needs.

    The calendar is at http://www.myfaithmylife.org under “Favorite Calendar.”

  2. hi father,

    What Wonderous love is this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgwGY6xpvLI

    Wondrous Love
    by Jadon Lavik

    The Glory of These Forty Days

    Our Father, We Have Wandered

    Again, We Keep This Solemn Fast

    There’s a Wideness in God’s Mercy (Babiloine melody)

    Tis Good Lord, to be here (2nd Sunday of Lent)

    I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say (Third and Fifth Sundays of Lent)

    Your Hand, O Lord, in Days of Old (Fourth Sunday of Lent)

  3. Hi Bosco,

    Thanks for this awesome resource.

    I thought you, and your readers, might like to know that I’m posting resources for worship, based on the Revised Common Lectionary for the whole of Lent (and the rest of the year). They include reflections on the Scriptures, prayers, hymn suggestions and links to other helpful resources on the web. find it here: http://www.sacredise.com/lectionary


  4. Does anyone ever look at the Didache for Lent? It is so early and beautiful and really goes to roots of our faith.

    I’m so gld to find this site. Oh, I see, Anglican Communion. there is one just starting in Kokomo Indiana, in a storefront.

    I really like this site. Thanks.

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