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New Zealand Prayer Book on Kindle

New Zealand Prayer BookThis is a link to download a Kindle version of A New Zealand Prayer Book He Karakia Mihinare o Aotearoa. (right click and save as a .mobi file and then transfer to your kindle in the normal manner).

Thank you to the person who sent me this file.

We now have a great collection of digital ways to access this prayer book.

For iPad, iPhone, iPod, PDFs (right click, save and transfer in the normal manner).
A downloadable Windows program.
An online website of this prayer book.

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12 thoughts on “New Zealand Prayer Book on Kindle”

      1. Padre, they look the same. The only difference is the two apps. The iBooks controls are always visible at the top of the page and the Kindle app has to be tapped for the controls to appear because after a few seconds they autohide.

        There is a slight difference in the way the font is rendered. Headings and subheadings are a tiny bit bolder and italics are a tiny bit more italic looking on the Kindle app.

    1. Peter, you can get a free Kindle app for your computer. Check the amazon site.

      I’m really glad to see this available. Riding the bus, my Kindle comes in handy.


  1. Thanks Shannon and Bosco,
    I now have NZPB, a Greek New Testament and Bosco’s all time favourite Bible translation (not) [ESV] on my new Kindle app – all free :).

    God is good!

  2. I have given up, Bosco, on working out which draft of the NIV is which, including which one is inclusive-and-very controversial and which one is less-controversially inclusive.

    Between the NRSV and the ESV what more could a man want? Whoops, I mean, … a person want? (Apart from a Kindle).

    1. Peter, you are pre-empting my NIV post. There is no NIVersion – bizarrely, there are, as you indicate, many NIVersions. Apparently, the person who sold me the one I will review told me, you can tell them apart by the little logo… Well it’s all Greek to me. Blessings. [and no – I’m not getting a kindle; nor do I want one].

    1. I use an iPad 2 and I have everyone’s reader app; Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Google Books, etc and I buy books on sale from all of them and read them on my one device.

  3. Thank you so much for doing this. I live in the States and we use this daily for Morning Prayer. I am loosing my sight and have not been able to read the book for some time, Now I can follow along with the rest.

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