Eucharist being live-streamed

Eucharist being live-streamed

I recently, on this site, expressed my irritation at the short-sightedness of the Church of England in providing poor-quality live-streaming of the enthroning of the Archbishop of Canterbury, and not making the video recording available on the web (cf. the Vatican). They appeared to forget that a third to a half of the planet would be sleeping or otherwise unable to watch if they wanted to.

In case you have forgotten, this is what greeted non-UK residents who wanted to watch the BBC recording of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s enthroning :

Archbishop of Canterbury enthronement

As if to rub salt into those nineteenth century wounds, the Church of England parish of All Saints Church, Twickenham, has recently started live streaming services. They have a facebook page.

They use Ustream, as regularly mentioned here (including by commenters).
They use a good HD camera.
Sound quality has been the only problem they mention.

They are not alone.

Well done All Saints Church and Fr Alex Lane.

Any other examples as well as any comments you want to add?

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