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A Monk’s Life – Fr Lazarus ElAnthony

The Coptic Youth Channel presents the story of Fr Lazarus ElAnthony, who was once an atheist living in Australia, and is now a hermit living in Egypt where St Anthony once lived.

Fr Lazarus ElAnthony values the Coptic Church because it has very little, if any blood on its hands. Other churches have sponsored many wars and persecution. For him, the Coptic Church has credibility. It was always the victim and not the persecutor.

Further videos of Fr Lazarus on this Coptic Christian Youth Channel. [I’m not sure, in the numbering, what happened to number 8].

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4 thoughts on “A Monk’s Life – Fr Lazarus ElAnthony”

  1. Amazing isn’t he, and the movie is beautifully shot. I showed some clips last year while we were reading Rowan Williams’ book ‘Silence & Honey Cakes,’ to give some insight into desert spirituality. People were fascinated.

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