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Google has just promoted the PageRank of this website www.liturgy.co.nz from PageRank 5 to PageRank 6. PageRank is Google’s view of the importance of a page. In a search in Google for “liturgy” there are only four sites of PageRank 6 and that is the highest PageRank for that search term.

There are a great number of online tools to check PageRank of a site. Here is the link to just one such tool. Here is Wikipedia’s explanation of PageRank.

The three other PageRank 6 “liturgy” sites are:

Thank you to all of you for your ongoing encouragement of my work on this site (voluntary and in my “spare” time). Thanks to those of you who link from your sites and blogs – if you place a link, please let me know so I can acknowledge that and link back.

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