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church architecture 5

THE AMBO, the podium or lectern from which we proclaim the scriptures, the Word of God, is a primary sign and symbol in the worship space. The congregation can sit facing each other (choir formation) with the altar between them at one end, and the ambo between them at the other (as it is at

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church architecture 4

THE Font is a primary sign and symbol in the worship space. Just as baptism images dying with Christ, so the font images tomb. Just as baptism images being cleansed, so the font images bath. You can stand up in the pool and have water poured over you. Use copious water. Baptism in the Anglican

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church architecture 2

THE CROSS is usually a principal sign associated with a church building. But do we devalue it by overuse? I see crosses put on the wine and water cruets. I see them on stoles. I see them put on chairs – so that we are sitting on or leaning against, hiding… It is as if

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church architecture 1

THE COMMUNITY is often a forgotten symbol in discussions about church buildings. The community is not an audience. The community is not passive. Hence, the way the community gathers is extremely important. The entrance procession of the community begins from our home, with cars and walking, and other means. How are we welcomed into the

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