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There is a God, now stop worrying and enjoy your life.

there is a GodBritish comedy writer Ariane Sherine wrote a newspaper column in June 2008 that led to a campaign of atheist advertisements on buses in the UK. $US190,000 was raised to run the slogan “There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life,” on 800 buses across Britain – 200 in central London – along with 1,000 posters in London’s Underground trains and two video screens in a popular subway station, all for a full month ending in early February. The campaign is now spreading internationally, with United States, Canada, Italy, Spain and Australia following suit. In Washington, the American Humanist Association introduced the $40,000 ad campaign before the Christmas holidays. Ads featured on Metro buses proclaimed, “Why believe in a god? Just be good for goodness’ sake.” In Britain about 200 complaints were made to Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), which regulates commercials.

Rather than laying a complaint, I am far more interested in having the dialogue that this advertising campaign provokes:

  • What drives, what motivates atheists to spread their message?
  • How does not believing in a God encourage one to stop worrying and enjoy life?
  • Can you be good for goodness sake? Or do we need help to be good? And might being good (for goodness sake) be a sign of God – rather than a denial?

Drag and drop my photo onto your blog. Link to this post. Discuss with your atheist and agnostic friends (not in an intense way – we can be far more relaxed about this – remember we are not on our own…) Create your own bus image here.

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