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The end of the World – AGAIN!

Ronald WeinlandMove over Harold Camping – you got the month and approximate date right, you were just out by a year. The end of the world is May 27, this year, 2012. Nothing to do with the Mayan calendar (yes I wondered too if the world was going to end in 2011 when I found that all my calendars ended on December 31!). No; this is a Christian calculation from another we-get-all-our-teachings-from-the-Bible church.

Many of you will remember the magazine the Plain Truth, of Herbert W. Armstrong and the Worldwide Church of God (we’re talking the 1980s – the monthly magazine, with a circulation of 8 million, was free). Herbert W. Armstrong was typical of so many leaders of such sects, destroying families, living extravagantly from the tithes of followers (he taught 30% of gross income), teaching against remarriage after divorce (except for himself, of course). When he died the Worldwide Church of God fragmented into splinter groups, each with their own leader and teaching that they had the truth from the Bible.

One of these inheritors of the Worldwide Church of God and Herbert W. Armstrong’s mantel is The Church of God, Preparing for the Kingdom of God (COG-PKG) led by Ronald Weinland. Weinland is “the spokesman of His two end-time witnesses” mentioned in Revelation 11:3. He and his wife, Laura, are both prophets, and he is an end-time apostle to the world, and the end-time Elijah to come as mentioned in Malachi 4:5-6. “The final countdown has begun, as the 1,335 days before the actual day Jesus Christ returns began on Tuesday, September 30, 2008.” The return of Christ is dated to Pentecost, May 27 2012.

NB: I’ll starting listening to Ronald Weinland, and people like this, when he signs away, in an absolutely water-tight binding way, every last thing that he possess to the poor, and all his rights to employment and remuneration – coming into effect May 28, 2012. [Let’s not get distracted by the Swiss-bank-account-tax-avoidance charges].

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33 Responses to The end of the World – AGAIN!

  1. Sorry but that’s not at all convenient. I won’t even be at home as I’m away in Kabul, Afghanistan at the time. Best ask for an alternative date!

    • Apparently where a couple of people agree to something here on earth it is binding in heaven – so if you can get one or two to agree with you, I think that’s it: it’s postponed. Blessings.

    • Hey Drew,

      I lived in Kabul, May of 2006 to May 2007 — air traffic control contract job. I lived on the ISAF base at the airport. Glad it didn’t happen then. I feel your pain!

      On a more serious note: What part of, “…no one knows the day or the hour…,” do these people not understand???

      Blessings and stay safe my friend,


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  3. I refer those concerned with when Jesus shall return to my previous remarks on my own blog and in other places about the timing being totally irrelevant to our responsibilities in God’s mission to spread the gospel to those who might die before Jesus returns, like, say, today in an RTA entirely outside our control? 😉

  4. You do know false witness is a sin. Herbert W Armstrong never divorced, his wife died, and he never said 30% tithe, it was 10%, just as God commanded. Every 3rd year another 10% was given to help with the widows and poor, and 10% was kept by people in order for them to joyously keep the Holy days ordained by God (the ones most “Christians” refuse to keep, instead obeying the pagan Holy days). If you have a problem with that, take it up with God, since it was Him who ordered it.

    People simply hate him because he taught the truth, and people hate the truth….

    • Thank you for your comment. If “Me” is actually your real name, that is fine; otherwise the practice and comments policy of this site is that we just use our ordinary, actual name here – thank you. So if you seek to post a comment here again, please use your ordinary name.

      I understand that Herbert W Armstrong’s first wife, Loma, died in 1967, but that his marriage to his second wife, Ramona, ended in divorce. So if saying divorce was part of his life and it wasn’t is bearing false witness, then I guess saying divorce wasn’t part of his life and it was would also be bearing false witness. Hence, according to you, one of us is sinning.


  5. Rapture kit? Money and goods to directly help the poor, Bible (maybe on your phone) to help tell others about Jesus, and generally take as many other people as you can with you by witnessing in deeds and, when appropriate, words about the amazing grace and truth about Jesus.

    In other words, business as usual 😉 there’s something in the bible about that too – it being well for the servants for the master to find them about his business instead of lazing around.

  6. well i guess i see you guys next year when they make an excuse about something and put a new end of the world date like sorry we where an year off. like now. well now we know because 200+ crap amount of years minus by this = the date the world ends and it’s next year so everyone send me money so i can scam you can get rich and so the idiots are wiped broke on this planet.

    also for all the believers what does this date have a difference of last years? you believed last years just like this one but then you heard the news that they made a mistake and so you start believing again. so whats the big difference that made you believe this time over last time?

  7. Sorry, But if you are a man of God, then you must portray yourself as an average man of this world.
    Your picture places you on a mountain, while the poor and down trodden suffer from day to day.

    Leave your comfort zone and meet the poor of this world for they are the majority – not the minonity.

    Do what christ would do – move amoung the people.

  8. Sorry may have my comment wrong – Was reffering to the Picture of the man in the Chair at the of this page – With cufflinks etc.

  9. Dear Archdeacon Bernard, (Diocesan Administrator)
    I am sorry that my schedule “A” Parish Returns are late, I really was going to do them this weekend. However, I was looking at a favourite web site (by way of task-avoidance) when I found out that the world is going to end next Sunday. Now you may think that this is highly unlikely and also a pretty lame excuse, but let me assure you that it is true. Some very sensible people on Bosco’s site have said so. So, no Schedule “A” for you my friend! By the way, do you have a rapture kit? I’ve started putting mine together. I’ll send you a list.
    Your humble servant and Parish Priest, Peter.

  10. What will the excuse be this time? The world will not end on 27 May, and that’s a fact. See you all next week

    • The world will in end in about 4 billion years time when the Sun become a red giant and engulfs the Earth. What is the excuse from the end-of-the worlders this time?

  11. Ooopsss….another one of you doomsayers screwing up eh? Get a grip people – you do not, nor will you ever, know when the earth will end.

  12. hahahaha hey dude, it’s May 29 2012 and guess what
    NEITHER YOU NOR ANY OTHER MORTAL MAN WILL EVER KNOW WHEN THE END OF THE WORLD COMES BECAUSE IT IS NOT FOR YOU TO KNOW…….now you dorks, please stop trying to guess when that is coming. you are making a fool of yourselves and make the rest of those who DO LOOK UP look bad

    • I just re-read the post, Claudia. Actually it reads quite straightforwardly to me (with some ironic/sarcastic flavouring). Maybe it’s just me 🙂 I think some people just skim, reading what they expect to read. Blessings.

  13. You know, Biblically, if a prophet who says he is from God predicts something & it doesn’t come true, they are supposed to be stoned to death. Just sayin.

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