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Resources – Advent 4

The Annunciation

Let us pray (in silence) [that the message of God coming to save us may transform our lives] Pour forth, we beseech you, O Lord,      [or Pour forth, we beseech you, O God,] your grace into our hearts, that we, to whom the incarnation of Christ your Son was made known by the… Continue Reading

What The Immaculate Conception is Not

Blessed Virgin Mary

Recently, in a group, a Roman Catholic told a joke which used the term the “Immaculate Conception”. The joke hinged on the idea that there was no sex, there was no father involved. That is NOT what the “Immaculate Conception” refers to. It is a common misconception – even, clearly, amongst well-educated Roman Catholics. Yesterday… Continue Reading

A Brief History of Advent

Visitation of Mary to Elizabeth

Advent is a little late on the scene. The Council of Saragossa (Spain, 380AD) is the first reference to a preparatory period before celebrating the Incarnation. Fasting and daily church going was required from December 17 until Epiphany (Theophany, January 6th – the celebration of the Incarnation in those days in that and other regions).… Continue Reading

Online Mission and Ministry


My e-friend, Fr Scott Gunn, recently reflected on there being no talking “about websites at the Evangelism Matters conference”. He was struggling to find service times at a nearby church. [All the discussion that follows there is worth a read – and joining in, of course]. Anyone who has been in the community around this… Continue Reading

Resources – Advent 3


Please note: the popularity of this site is such that it is under significant cyber attack (about half a million hits a month). This means the website is down from time to time (your own computer is, of course, not affected). Please be patient – there is an attempt to stabilise the site more. Thank… Continue Reading

Talk on the Eucharist

Jesus Mafa Last Supper

Pray – Eat – Love Here is the audio file of Reflections on the Mass (Eucharist, Holy Communion) that I presented at St Michael and All Angels as part of a study series earlier this year. After the introduction by the Parish Priest, Fr Andrew Starky, the talk is about 25 minutes long: The outline… Continue Reading

Advent Celebration and Sermon

Advent Sunday

On Sunday it was the 25th anniversary of my ordination as priest, and the local parish, St Michael and All Angels, invited me to preside and preach. The Priest in Charge (Canon Craufurd Murray – the vicar is away on Study Leave) was the one who presented me 25 years ago, and was my training… Continue Reading

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