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Month: May 2010

Canadian online worship resources

The Anglican Church of Canada joins the Church of England, the Scottish Episcopal Church, The Episcopal Church (USA), and others in placing their liturgical texts online. The goals are to assist liturgy planners and to encourage future web-based work of liturgical text development. Every week many worship planners spend hours on their computers, researching and

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respectful commenting

Having watched nasty, ad hominem, caustic comments become seriously destructive on websites and in some cases result in the site closing down, I was very wary about opening this site up for comments. But I was constantly urged to do so. And finally gave in, setting up a quite strong comment policy. In the event,

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white is right

As is not unusual, I have again had email questions about the NZ Anglican lectionary choice of the colour Red as the liturgical colour from after Ascension Day up to and including the Day of Pentecost, and hence including what the lectionary terms the “7th Sunday of Easter”. Firstly let me reinforce what the lectionary

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