Having watched nasty, ad hominem, caustic comments become seriously destructive on websites and in some cases result in the site closing down, I was very wary about opening this site up for comments. But I was constantly urged to do so. And finally gave in, setting up a quite strong comment policy. In the event, I believe a wonderful culture has been developed by the community that meets around here. I recently received this email:

Having stumbled across your website/blog during Lent, I continue to enjoy your posts and the kind and respectful tone of commentators. I’m frequently moved, challenged and amused. Many thanks.

So – people who comment here: take a bow. Give yourselves a pat on the back. The worship wars can be some of the nastiest in our churches – so I hope the community around this site demonstrates that holding strong positions can be done without getting personal, and whilst continuing to listen to difference with respect. As I indicated recently, there may be a slight change in the comments policy, but the essential spirit and culture of comments will not change.

Whilst speaking of recently-received positive emails, here is one I just received:

Dear Fr. Bosco,

Thank you so much for this versatile website!

I use it as my web browser “Home Page”, making use of it often during the day, and I just did the night prayers right now. I do have the Liturgy of Hours, 4-vol., so this is a great addition to my prayer life when I’m being lazy about getting to my breviary!

Thank you so much & please keep this website!

Akismet, the spam filter, has automatically filtered out 18,785 comments! Compare that to 2,186 comments that have been approved. That’s a ratio of 9 spam comments to every actual comment!

You may be interested in some of the comments that it filters out:

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