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Alternative Apostles’ Creed

It’s an oldy but a goody, From Not the Nine O’Clock News (24 November 1980). Here with Rowan Atkinson, Mel Smith, Pamela Stephenson, and Griff Rhys Jones. Biretta tips to Meredith Gould and Deacon Greg Kandra. If you have no sense of humour (humor) and need to make a comment please do so here. (Youtube has an accepted culture of generating more heat than light, and the comments can even be seen as funny in how serious everything is taken). Otherwise you are welcome to leave a comment below (click for comments policy).

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8 thoughts on “Alternative Apostles’ Creed”

  1. I was on my office kneeler saying my obligatory decade when this tweet from the good Father crossed my screen. I felt that since he sent it…must be good stuff! I opened this and promptly fell off the kneeler reeling in laughter. Thanks for a good chuckle and making us laugh at ourselves!

  2. As Mr. Bennett says, “for what do we live but to make sport for our neighbors and to laugh at them in our turn.” In other words, I appreciate that you can point us Christians to ways at which we can laugh at ourselves.

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