Please do me a favour for a minute.

The NZ Prayer Book renunciation in the baptism service is:

Do you renounce all evil influences and powers that rebel against God?
I renounce all evil.

Could you please in the comment box below write a paraphrase of what is being renounced. That is, please “translate” the renunciation into other words – so don’t use the word “evil” but express what you would understand is being renounced using an in other word or words.

If someone already has what you would have put, you can still comment, either just repeat it, or put “what s/he said”.

Promise: no one will make fun of your interpretation. After a number of comments are in I will add a comment explaining why I am asking this.

Thanks in anticipation.

Update: Thanks to all who have participated. Rev. Peter Carrell and I have been discussing the meaning of this text and have been viewing it very differently. We agreed that I do a blog post on this on my site about this. Having received a goodly number of responses, I have now added the issues in a comment. Thanks again.

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