bible_quiz_timeWithout looking at a Bible or elsewhere, starting from – NOW!
How many books in the Bible can you list off with their title starting with a vowel?

OK – let’s say you have 4 minutes… … stop!

How many did you get?

OK now there is a handicap:
If you are Jewish, add three to your score.
If you are Roman Catholic, (or Anglican) subtract one.
Eastern Orthodox, subtract three.
Ethiopian Orthodox, subtract four.
Your maximum score now can be eleven.
What is your score?

snakesnake – up to and including 3

sheepsheep – 4, 5, or 6

donkeydonkey – 7, 8, or 9

lionlion – 10, or 11

[Hope I’ve got all this right 😉 ]
Don’t put a list of the answers in the comments
I may explain some of the obscurer points… in time…

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