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We have a blogging bishop!

The-Rev-Dr-Kelvin-Wright-the-man-chosen-to-lead-the-Anglican-Diocese-of-Dunedin_randomImageOn Saturday Kelvin Wright was ordained bishop in St Paul’s cathedral, Dunedin. The number of bishops in our province is now 31. He is the first to run a blog. I hope it will continue. I also hope, from time to time, he might pop in to this site. And I hope he will consider placing a link to this site on his blog. His blog is called Available Light.

There are a number of blogging bishops in the links of this site. If you are a blogging bishop, or know of any, please add this to the comments. If your site links to this one, please let me know, as normally I try to link back.

May God bless Kelvin’s ministry in the real world and in the virtual world.

ps. I wonder if he will change the URL from “vendr
pps. There was an attempt apparently to stream the ordination live without huge success. If a video of this is uploaded to Youtube or elsewhere, please indicate this in the comments also so I can embed it here for others.
ppps. You can read more about Kelvin in the Otago Daily Times

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4 thoughts on “We have a blogging bishop!”

  1. Peter Carrell

    For a moment I thought you had beaten me to announcing this 🙂 but I am waiting for the actual first post-consecration post!!!!!!!!!

    I join with you in your prayers for Bishop Kelvin – he is a tremendous person and has a mammoth task in front of him.

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