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christian.com is a free social network site. It is a place for Christians to connect with each other, including right around the world. It is a way of keeping in touch with your church community. The resemblance to facebook springs to mind. But I hope that what drives christian.com is not as obscure as facebook. Certainly the privacy statement of christian.com does not look to be open to the recent issues that have beset facebook.

I have been in touch with christian.com and they have increased to 20,000 members in the last two months. I hope this site is another positive place for mission, ministry, and community on the internet. Let us keep such sites in our prayers.

Any using the site might like to add reflections in the comments.

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1 thought on “christian.com”

  1. This looks great – and it would presumably not host hate sites like Facebook! I’m thinking of starting a blog for my church – christian.com would be an ideal group!

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