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Colin Buchanan visits

I was delighted, yesterday, to have a visit from a friend from England, Bishop Colin Buchanan. Colin describes himself as An Evangelical Among the Anglican Liturgists. I have a lot of the works he has written. And he has written a lot. I’m grateful he brought with him for me his Modern Anglican Liturgies 1958-1968. I had the other two volumes in that series, and he is currently working on a fourth volume to bring information up to the present. I look forward to purchasing that.

In my library I have many years of Colin’s monthly publication, News of Liturgy. This kept Anglican liturgists up to date with developments – often with blow by blow accounts. He would pull no punches describing and analysing liturgical eccentricities – in some ways it was blogging on paper. It would be fascinating to have his pluck in commenting on what happens in this province where some churches reverse the order of the Eucharist, abandon the lectionary, construct “Eucharistic Prayers” that are no or little more than Paul’s account of the Last Supper,… even bishops here are not unknown for their idiosyncrasies… What I had not realised until Colin told me yesterday, is that all copies of News of Liturgy from January 1975 to December 2003 are now online here.

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