I was pointed to the above and other videos of La Sagrada Familia (Barcelona) after the discussion about (de)consecration. Even beyond the discussions about (de)consecration we can learn much from the clip in terms of lavishness of symbol; vesture, music…

Salm responsorial: 83 (Catalan)

Que n’és d’amable, el vostre temple,
Senyor de l’univers.
Tot jo sospiro i em deleixo
pels atris del Senyor.
Ple de goig, i amb tot el cor,
aclamo el Déu que m’és vida.

Feliç el qui viu a casa vostra, Senyor.

Feliç el qui viu a casa vostra
lloant-vos cada dia.
Feliços els qui s’acullen als vostres murs:
emprenen amb amor el camí.

Senyor de l’univers, escolteu la meva súplica,
escolteu, Déu de Jacob.
Déu nostre, mireu amb amor el vostre Ungit,
fixeu-vos en el rei que ens protegeix.

Psalm 83 (84)

They are happy, who dwell in your house, Lord.

My soul is longing and yearning,
is yearning for the courts of the Lord.
My heart and my soul ring out their joy
to God, the living God.

The sparrow herself finds a home
and the swallow a nest for her brood;
she lays her young by your altars,
Lord of hosts, my king and my God.

They are happy, who dwell in your house,
for ever singing your praise.
They are happy, whose strength is in you,
they walk with ever growing strength.

One day within your courts
is better than a thousand elsewhere.
The threshold of the house of God
I prefer to the dwellings of the wicked.

Another video
and another from a different occasion showing the church building

There has been comment about the lack of symbolism used at the Christchurch Cathedral deconsecration (and the lack of involving Maori). I cannot comment, as I wasn’t invited. These videos certainly encourage this. I do not know what the traditional symbols and signs associated with deconsecration are. Some, of course, probably could not have been used – as the building itself was off limits. No one has yet provided me with the NZ rite of deconsecration or confirmed whether or not there is such a thing, or whether bishops agree to use the same overseas one (effectively making it the NZ one), or each construct their own.

And if something of the creativity of Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia comes to be the future Anglican Cathedral in Christchurch – well it would certainly be a welcome change from the tilt-slab and glass plans and commenced work that I fear will dominate the new city.

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