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6 thoughts on “contemporary marriage?”

  1. While humorous, it speaks of reality. Short fleeting relationships developed on Facebook and similar technological mediums, without long or deep face time. Great satire.

    1. There are statistics around, David, about the number of married couples who met online – I think it’s surprisingly high – maybe around a third in some places. The interesting thing would be, in time, to do statistical analysis of the longevity of such relationships. We may be positively surprised.

  2. The changing of this status (usually just removing rather than changing to ‘single’) can be an outward sign of a couple in need of love, prayer and support. It doesn’t often get changed ‘by accident’.

    1. Thanks for this sensitive comment, Vincent. For some updates on facebook are just for a laugh. For others, let us not forget, major life events will be reflected in the decisions they make to change something online.

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