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Creation Season

koruMany communities celebrate a Season of Creation during September. Some communities do this by abandoning the three year lectionary that it has taken us so long to grow into agreement internationally and ecumenically.

This site encourages a greater consciousness of our responsibility towards creation. It is also firmly committed to the three year lectionary. I believe it is possible to keep the three year series AND to focus on creation. Doing so means communities, worship leaders, and preachers also grow in agility and awareness of creation threads and themes throughout our Christian tradition.

Most important, of course, is not just thinking about creation – but putting new disciplines into our lifes – individually, communally, nationally, globally.

On this site you will find the beginnings of reflections to Creation Season celebrations.

This was a significant area developed for September 2007, and I have been pressed to rework this material for 2008. Thank you for the encouragement – you know who you are 🙂

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