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Today is not Easter Saturday

I think most people, at least of the church-going variety, can get to Easter Monday being the day after Easter Day – April 13. And Easter Tuesday is April 14. But regularly I find, especially in the advertising world, that today, Saturday April 11 is called “Easter Saturday”. Ofcourse it is not. Easter Saturday is April 18, Easter Friday is April 17, and Easter Week follows Easter Day, it does not precede it. Palm Sunday does not commence Easter Week, it begins Holy Week.

So if there has been an advertisement selling at discount during “Easter Week”, demand that the discount price applies from the week following Easter Day!

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2 thoughts on “Today is not Easter Saturday”

  1. Some thirty years ago, a philosophy lecturer at Canterbury pointed this out in class – he was a former clergyman – highlighting the the faux-pas in the Listener’s title for the eve of Easter in its TV listings! Needless to say, of all the things I learnt in philosophy classes, this is one I have never forgotten!!!!

  2. And, after making the comment above, I read this morning’s Christchurch Press which quotes a church leader who refers to the trifecta of ‘Easter Friday, Easter Saturday, and Easter Sunday’!!!

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