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English Mass translation launch

Latest hopes are that the new English translation of the Roman Missal will be officially launched on the First Sunday of Advent, 28 November 2010.

As soon as the text becomes available it will be online at www.nlo.org.nz

An interactive resource to introduce this English translation will be available at http://becomeonebodyonespiritinchrist.org That beautifully-constructed website is advertising for a DVD. Amazingly, there is no mention where one can obtain the DVD, that this information is coming later, or approximate price as far as I can see.

But I contacted the organisation. I will “be advised when the release date is confirmed which will be in June. We will also advise about where to order from. This will be country specific. Details will also be posted on the website so please continue to check in there.”

“The cost in Australia will be AUD$32.95 so pricing should be comparable elsewhere.”

Further delays in English Missal
pope gives approval to new English Mass translation

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8 thoughts on “English Mass translation launch”

  1. Thanks Colin. The site you give as a link also says, “The Publishers of Become One Body One Spirit in Christ have informed us that the publication date has been put back from the end of June to the middle of July, for reasons beyond their control.”

  2. Here in the States, I’ve heard of a launch dates of Advent of 2011. Advent this year would be a bit difficult since the official text doesn’t even exist yet, much less printed missals and liturgical music.

  3. Sorry, that was poorly said on my part. The text does exist and has been approved but it has not been released in its entirity. As far as I know only excerpts are available.

  4. Yes. From what I hear in the rest of the “blog-o-sphere” particularly over at PrayTell and New Liturgical Movement. All signs point to a Advent 2011 start date (if that is the right phrase).

    It is still a bit controversial and the faithful will benefit from ample time for catechesis. For my generation the current translation is all we know. It would be hard to break those liturgical habits so suddenly with no warning what-so-ever. I have not heard even a whisper of the new translation at the parish level in the diocese where I currently live.

  5. I just received this as an email to this site:

    Hi Fr Bosco

    “Latest hopes are that the new English translation of the Roman Missal will be officially launched on the First Sunday of Advent, 28 November 2010.”

    Yes this is correct for NZ – a year before the US. See the following official site for the NZ situation:

    For the full text, have a look at the following US website, which has been available for some months. AFAIK this is the most detailed version of the final approved text:

    There are other “study text only” versions on this site and lots of background. See also the ICEL website:

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