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Episcopal Church liturgy resources

My good e-friend @scottagunn forwarded the URL of the draft liturgical material considered and now approved by the recent General Convention of The Episcopal Church (USA).

You can download the report’s 398 pages in PDF form from here.

This includes
Rachel’s Tears, Hannah’s Hopes Liturgies and Prayers for Healing from Loss Related to Childbearing and Childbirth starts on page 21 of the download
Holy Women, Holy Men: Celebrating the Saints starts on page 82 of the download
Other holy persons worthy of consideration – page 379 of the download
Helpful information about those being commemorated starts on page 381 of the download

As soon as the final material is made available online I hope to place a link from this site.
The context of this site’s readers differs from place to place. I am sure there is much in this massive work that you can use or adapt usefully in your own context. Some of the material some may find particularly challenging. I am not prepared to debate that on this site. There are plenty of other sites which focus on debate about TEC’s life and direction including its liturgical life. This blog post is providing the service of making this substantial resource more widely available for you to choose and adapt material from as you find appropriate within your own particular context.

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