I’m purchasing upgrades for the software for this site – a good time to freshen up the site.

What ideas do you have for possible improvements?

The basic “structure” and approach of this site will remain.
I think I might put the whole site to fixed width – the blog part is 950 I think. Does that work for you – I’d fix it all at that width maybe.
Currently it’s not clear quickly enough when you get to the home page, that a lot of the action on this site is on the blog. That needs to be clearer.
I think I might change the header.
I’m OK about the basic colour scheme.

What else?….

ps. any changes are not going to happen overnight 🙂

pps. In the Southern Hemisphere, and certainly in Aotearoa-New Zealand, this is our go-slow time… So – sometimes your comments may take longer than usual to get through moderation…

Update: Thanks so much for all the help and suggestions on facebook, twitter, by email, and in comments. I’ve got the latest blog post titles showing on the home page now, every blog post has an invitation to share it, and you can now subscribe to the comments of each post. I’ve purchased upgrades of the software that I use, and there’s other “under the hood” improvements that should improve things also. I’m particularly grateful for the reminders that it’s the content that is primarily significant – and that the site doesn’t need major redesigning.

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