The above video shows the rescue of the first Chilean miner. All 33 miners are safe – there were 17 days when there was no knowledge if they had survived and searching for them was nearly abandoned. In that time they lived on some spoons of tuna, a little milk and a biscuit every 48 hours, eking out a two day supply of rations. In hope. Hope is the name of the camp which sprang up, Campo Esperanza. In the end they were underground for a record 69 days.

In this event are thoughts and images of leadership, perseverance, cooperation, selflessness, community, family, friendship. And prayer.

Even our very secular newspaper had “Miners prepared with prayer” as the large headline leading the World section.


St Lawrence, patron saint of miners, complete with miner’s lamp and helmet took up pride of place. The whole rescue mission was named after him, “Operation San Lorenzo”. The miners requested Christian images and prayed together regularly.

We, with the miners, friends, and families can take this opportunity to reflect, pray, and learn some lessons.

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