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Gospel of Mark in Koine Greek Sml

Gospel of Mark in Koine Greek – The Movie

KoineGreek.com and the Lumo Project are producing a movie of The Gospel according to Mark in the original Koine Greek – complete with subtitles. The intention is that there will be a new chapter put out each week. Here is Chapter 1:

The announcement

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7 thoughts on “Gospel of Mark in Koine Greek – The Movie”

  1. “Complete with subtitles.”

    Also in Greek. So this is actually only available to the scholarly. It’s been a long time since I studied a year of Greek. My lack of expertise doesn’t allow me to keep up with either the audio or the subtitles.

    Sadly, this is next to useless for me. It might as well be in Greek. Oh, wait, it is! 🙂

    1. Thanks for the feedback, David. The film, of course, is intended to help people learn Greek and appreciate the scriptures in Greek. Are you saying that English captions as an option would also be appreciated?

      1. Great to make this connection, here, “KoineGreek” – one of the ways that we keep this site being positive is that we use our real, ordinary, daily names here and not pseudonyms. [There have been rare exceptions when I know the person and why using a pseudonym is necessary]. Please, next time use your ordinary name here. From my own perspective, I think adding the English translation could be an option – making that the standard could slow down the learning/revising of Greek as we would/could become reliant on the translation. Blessings.

        1. Thanks for the message. I’ve now included my name on this post 🙂

          I’ll consider what place and how English captions might benefit the audience. Need to give that some thought.

          1. Thanks, Benjamin. I don’t understand the technical details of captions. If you do decide to add English captions with the Greek – might I advocate that you upload in two versions – with Greek captions only & another with Greek + English captions. Blessings.

  2. Yes, captions allow separate files so the viewer can choose which they like by adjusting the settings. I’ll have to consider if the work to make them is a high enough priority to take precedence over other things. Blessings!

    1. Yes, Benjamin, maybe you can do a simple survey, because so far, here at least, David is the only person who made this suggestion. Blessings.

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