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Headway Themes review

headway themesThis is like an advertisement 🙂 I have a passion for people producing good, simple, and even free websites. That includes especially communication from the church and around spirituality. I am advocating that if you are running a website based on WordPress, that you have a serious look at Headway Themes. [If you are not using WordPress and thinking of changing to it – I recommend the change. If you are going to start a blog or website, I think WordPress is the place to start].

I have been running this site for six years. I began by using Dreamweaver. Then I completely rebuilt the site using RapidWeaver which I purchased; and I also purchased several themes to go with that. But, good as that way of doing things was, WordPress IMO leaped over the top of those options – and so I am now still in the process (time being the only limitation) of rebuilding this site in WordPress.

Part of what convinced me to make the change was Headway 3.0. It promised to be a drag-and-drop system with which I could design my site to look pretty much however I wanted it to look. To be honest, I think they launched it too early. In the early days of my getting Headway many users, including me, were struggling with issues. Thankfully, within some weeks they were resolved.

There are videos how to use Headway and improve the way one uses it. There are online instructions. There is a forum where you can discuss things – with help from those who run it. Mostly, once you’ve poked around a bit, it is pretty self-explanatory how to create a simple site. And for those who are concerned about such things, it is SEO focused.

Headway 3.1 does everything I would like it to do. The only limitation to how my site looks is my lack of time to work on improving it.

So here’s three other sites I quickly picked that are using Headway (to give you four different looks, including mine, to show some of the possibilities) – remember all of us are new at using this approach, as the approach itself is new:

the gridd
Inspiring young people

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11 thoughts on “Headway Themes review”

  1. I too have been thinking of tirnyg Headway, but don’t have a project for it just yet. I just recently realized that almost everyone out there is in RE.net is using Thesis. How did that happen? and why? I’m personally using Cubit from Theme Forest. It’s very pretty, but I initially found it a little complicated. Hopefully soon I too can GLD with Headway.

  2. For what’s it’s worth I’ll relate my experience with being a member of Headway themes.Joined in the early days, and initially spent hours installing, reinstalling and not producing anything that I couldn’t have done a lot easier with less pain with another theme. The support forum is often heated with dissatisfied members, who like me were having many problems with a piece of software which should have been labelled as alpha & shouldn’t have been released for members to do testing on. Grant (co-owner, I think) probably under pressure, often reacted in an unhelpful manner and at times was aggressive and defensive. Replies to many problems that members were experiencing were often blamed on the hosting service, or “it doesn’t work with that browser”……unbelievable really, and one the reasons I’ve shelved Headway until such time as they become more professional about their business. They should be asking themselves why every other WordPress theme (that I use, anyway) never have problem with browsers crashing the editor and not working on major hosting services. If a piece of software can’t work with major hosting companies and browsers they shouldn’t be selling it! You can’t view their forum unless you’re a member, and if you could you most likely wouldn’t want to be one. They have been promising an upgrade from Headway 2.0 to the current version 3.0 for many months, with no sign of one. They have also promised child themes going back months, again no sign of them. They say they are having a weekly screencast, which is delayed over and over again. Look I could go on and on, but the bottom line is don’t get sucked in by multiple sites giving it glowing reports. They have either never used the theme or in most cases are parasite affiliates who are only interested in getting commission on the sale. There are surely not going to make negative comments. DON’T buy it!

    1. Thanks for your visit and comment, John. I experienced similar frustrations as I bought the for-me much-anticipated 3.0 immediately when it came out. It took until 3.1 to run as I had expected it to at 3.0. It is now at 3.2. I am not experiencing any of the issues you describe. Yes, there are child themes – at the moment I am happy to work with the theme I have created with Headway rather than getting a child theme. My only issue is finding/making time to do so. Blessings.

  3. They describe themselves as the drag and drop blog builder. I’ve been using this theme for a few months now, and it’s anything BUT drag and drop easy. It’s not the least bit intuitive. As a long time Mac user, I am more than familiar with software that’s intuitive and drag and drop simple. This is a complete miss, and a complete waste of money and time. Stay far away.

  4. I have owned headway for two years and I think for the average user it is a waste of money. It is not simple to use unless you like producing plain, boxy and ugly sites. There are plenty of free, cheaper, themes that will enable a user to make a decent looking site

    I should have listened to my gut instinct and not bought it. The main warning signs were the lack of a free trail and the inability to read the headway theme forum comments. If I had access to those I would never have bought it
    But I was sold on it by reviews on the net only to find later nearly every site that gushes about it is an affiliate.

  5. Any luck getting any support from Headway?

    If you know how to get any kind of support I’d sure like to know.

    I’m stuck. If I can’t get the design editor to load I’ll pretty much have to abandon the site & start from scratch with a new platform.

    Currently my site is broken & there is no way to fix it.

    I’m kicking myself for choosing headway right now.

    1. Thanks, Tj. We normally use our ordinary name on this site. Yes, I’ve had very good support from Headway through several issues and learning curves. I have used Headway from the start and it used to be a lot more “chunky” than the smoother system it is now. I am very happy with my use of Headway. I put my questions on the board in the members area and have always had good, helpful suggestions, either from other users or from Headway staff. I hope you can resolve whatever your issue is. Blessings.

      1. Tj is my ordinary name. The Headway support site has not loaded for over a week now.

        Numerous emails get ignored.

        A framework is only as good as the support behind it.

        Googling desperately for some kind of answer to this problem, it seems I’m not the only one having trouble getting support.

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