pope-iphone-appThis site regularly collects contributions from readers in such areas as best online bible study resources, best online hymn study resources, best online lectionary resources in order to be a central place where people can turn for good quality information.

More and more people have an iPhone or an IPod Touch. A pastor, priest, or active Christian may be looking for

  • a To Do List system,
  • Notes system,
  • Bible study resources,
  • liturgical resources.

Do you have any suggestions for apps that fit into one of the above four categories?

Please in the comments section can you put

  • the name of the app
  • whether the app is free or not – if it costs money – how much in what currency?
  • If it is a Bible study resource – what version – does it contain Greek and Hebrew?
  • Do you have to be online to use the app – or does it function offline?
  • If you are the developer or connected with the app – please acknowledge that
  • Some brief summary reviewing its value to you

In discussions people are looking for NRSV, Greek and Hebrew study tools, the daily office.
Some recommendations that regular users may like to comment on below are iBCP, Divine Office, CCEL(NRSVA), Stanza, Kindle, tweetdeck, echophon, feeds, instapaper, meditator, nimbuzz, awesome notes, logos, olive tree.
iBreviary appears not to work

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UPDATE 15 February 2015: An annotated list of Daily Office apps

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