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Lambeth and Second Life

The Anglican Cathedral in Second Life was presented at a “fringe event” at Lambeth. MikeCamel Albert (the Rev. Mike Bursell) presented “Web 2.0 and the Church”. It was sponsored by Bishop Tom Brown (Wellington, NZ) and Bishop Christopher Hill (Guildford, UK). Previous reflections on this site have included caution about virtual sacraments and a response to the surprisingly negative article at Anglicans Online.

It seems to me inevitable that the virtual world will develop, and short-sighted for the church to be reluctant to have mission and ministry in this new land. There are many issues that need positive, imaginative reflection. Struggles over episcopal oversight in First Life may soon appear very antiquated and meaningless if more and more of our lives are spent in some form of Second Life.

The printing press revolutionised our world, our church, our liturgy. Web 2.0 is inevitably transforming world, church, and liturgy. Some are suggesting the next Lambeth Conference, if there is one, ought to be held in another place – in the Southern Hemisphere, for example. Am I the first to suggest that a forthcoming Lambeth Conference be held in Second Life?

video: Anglican Cathedral Flyby Tour

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