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Lectionary Story Bible

I have only recently discovered the Lectionary Story Bible by Ralph Milton (illustrated by Margaret Kyle). Based on the Revised Common Lectionary, every Sunday usually has a reworking of a couple of the readings for children.

Regulars here will know (expressed at this point for those not familiar with this site and where I sit in adapting biblical texts) I keep one eye on the original languages, use the New Revised Standard Version as my go-to translation, and also appreciate Eugene Peterson’s The Message as a reshaping of the text. When it comes to re-telling the story especially with children present, I struggle with the undergirding lens through which many “Children’s Bibles” present biblical texts. They regularly presume Penal Substitution of a Christ placating God’s Wrath, rather than starting from a child’s wonder at creation, and beauty, and friendship, and love. Ralph Martin does not assume Penal Substitution, and his stories begin from the child-like perspective of joy and caring.

Some may find Ralph Martin’s retelling unpalatable as he certainly doesn’t adapt the scriptures from a fundamentalist viewpoint. Some may struggle with some of the choices he has made to translate the stories into the context that a child may be normally familiar with. But for people like me, who sit comfortably with majority contemporary scholarship, and want children to grow more deeply into Christian faith and worship – including our lectionary disciplines – (rather than growing out of faith and worship), these three volumes, with their attractive images, are a great starting point for a children’s talk in a service, a handout, and even for home use for families in preparation before or reflection after a service.

Lectionary Story Bible- Year A
Lectionary Story Bible- Year B
Lectionary Story Bible- Year C

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