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Liturgy of the Hours badge

The four English options for a Liturgy of the Hours badge was supplemented by request for an equivalent in Spanish. I have had feedback by someone who likes the idea but he is looking for something less “I” focused. He is concerned that it may be interpreted perhaps by some as “Look how holy I am”. I guess as I bumble my way through life I had not thought of that and respect his point. One of the great things about the Liturgy of the Hours is that this is the prayer of Christ into which we insert ourselves. Others in the body of Christ are praying the Liturgy of the Hours all around the world. When we pray them we enter into this ongoing praying – but even when we miss praying them, we are conscious that this prayer life of the body of Christ of which we are part, continues.

Suggestions were: “Praying the Hours brings God’s powers” or “Praying the Hours blesses your day”. A badge needs few words to be bold – maybe just “Praying the Liturgy of the Hours” is another alternative. I am working on a different concept badge but if you have another suggestion for a less “I” focused Liturgy of the Hours badge – please contact me with the suggestion.

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