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liturgy of the hours

Digital Jesus Sml

Praying Using Technology?

Cardinal Robert Sarah (Prefect of the Roman Catholic Congregation for Divine Worship) and I often see things differently. At a recent conference in Rome, celebrating 10 years since Pope Benedict XVI’s loosened restrictions on celebrating Mass in the pre-Vatican II form, Cardinal Sarah attacked using mobile phones and tablets to pray Daily Prayer: Perhaps it

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Visitation of Mary to Elizabeth

Benedictus and Magnificat

As part of my ongoing rebuilding older sections of this site, I have reposted some earlier pages in the spirit of Throwback Thursday. This is one of those. These are the versions of the Benedictus and Magnificat used by the Cistercians in New Zealand and Australia – and other people as well. Including me. Blessed

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Into Great Silence

I included reference to Carthusians in a sermon. In 1984, Philip Gröning sought to make a documentary in Le Grande Chartreuse. The monks replied that they were not ready for such a venture. Sixteen years later they wrote that they were ready. The documentary Die Große Stille – Into Great Silence was the result. I

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Book of Common Prayer 1662

BCP Morning & Evening Prayer

“THE Morning and Evening Prayer shall be used in the accustomed Place of the Church, Chapel, or Chancel; except it shall be otherwise determined by the Ordinary of the Place.” (BCP 1662 The Order for Morning and Evening Prayer). “All Priests and Deacons are to say daily the Morning and Evening Prayer either privately or

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Celebrating Sundays

Celebrating Sundays: Patristic Readings for the Sunday Gospels, Years A, B & C Compiled and introduced by the Rev. Stephen Holmes. This is a treasure. It is a wonderful collection of patristic readings linked with the three year series of Sunday gospel readings followed by Roman Catholics and ecumenically in the Revised Common Lectionary. There

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The psalm at a Eucharist

The Revised Common Lectionary (and its Roman Catholic equivalent, the three-year cycle of Sunday readings) has three readings and a psalm. My friend and colleague, Peter Carrell, is the Director of Education for the Anglican Diocese of Christchurch. He is one of the people who would have a very good overview of the worship life

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