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Into Great Silence

I included reference to Carthusians in a sermon.

In 1984, Philip Gröning sought to make a documentary in Le Grande Chartreuse. The monks replied that they were not ready for such a venture. Sixteen years later they wrote that they were ready. The documentary Die Große Stille – Into Great Silence was the result. I reviewed Into Great Silence here.

I received a lot of interest and discussions following my sermon, and thought I would look to see if there were any video clips from Into Great Silence online. Imagine my delight to find the whole documentary – now embedded above. I do recommend you read my review if you know nothing at all about Carthusians.

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1 thought on “Into Great Silence”

  1. Very impressive movie. Saw it a couple of years ago.
    And by all means watch it on the biggest screen avaliable. (i.e. movie screen)

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