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Liturgy of the Hours on Twitter

The “Virtual Abbey” has been around for a bit, but with a different name. Now with a clearer name, and a website, this group prays some of the Daily Offices on twitter daily. For the rest of the planet things are a bit out of sync – it is USA based, and remember they celebrate the liturgy last on the planet.

Those who make New Year resolutions: have you thought about praying at least one Office daily? As well as the Virtual Abbey, there are lots of resources in the Virtual Chapel of this site. If you pray the office you might encourage others by placing a badge on your site or blog.

If you know any other quality resources like these, or have positive suggestions for New Year’s resolutions, you are welcome to share them below.

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2 thoughts on “Liturgy of the Hours on Twitter”

  1. Margaret of the Sea of Galilee

    The Benedictine Sisters of the Perpetual Adoration podcast Lauds and Vespers every day. Reocrded live in their Clyde, Missouri chapel.www.monasterypodcast.com

  2. Thank you for highlighting the Virtual Abbey.

    Partaking in prayers with the Abbey has been a profoundly rich experience for me–much more so than when I open a prayer book solo.

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