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My God’s Facebook

A new site called My God’s Facebook is growing rapidly with a membership of over 25,000 already after increasing publicity from February this year. It follows a Facebook-style format and possibilities as a “meeting place for those who believe, and those who do not, and the curious.” I am enthusiastic about all the new ventures of making connections between the Christian Good News and contemporary internet – and this looks like a fascinating and useful addition to the available options. In the comments, those who have participated there might like to comment, others might even add other resources you know of. Let us also pray for these types of sites. Such sites can also become praying virtual communities.

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1 thought on “My God’s Facebook”

  1. Hi,Interesting post, although i’m more concerned in what will come out of this google vs facebook social network war. I have not heard much news on it lately, which quite likely indicates that it’s not really that far off, but i have a idea its going to lead to some massive changes to social networks. In my opinion, i’d rather facebook left the war still in the lead for the reason that google’s already big enough, plus they currently hold a lot of data on everyone. I do not believe the two can exist though, either google’s social network will take over or totally fail. Just what does everybody else think?

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