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Nightbirde’s Legacy

Jane Marczewski (29.12.1990 – 19.2. 2022) “Nightbirde” image source

I have been profoundly moved since I encountered Nightbirde on AGT. I wrote about her here, and here, and here. She died on February 19.

She had a very positive life and message whilst having cancer for 4 years and going through a divorce. But her perspective was the healthy Christian approach that opposed what she called “toxic positivity”. Listen to these 2 minutes of wisdom in her “Ted Talk from Bed Talk”:

Her family’s statement is:

It is with the deepest heartache that we confirm that after a four year battle with cancer, Jane Marczewski, known to many of you as Nightbirde, passed away on February 19th 2022.

We, her family, are devastated by her passing and unimaginable loss.

Many remember her from America’s Got Talent, where she performed her song “It’s OK” and inspired millions of people around the globe with her messages of faith and never giving up.

Those who knew her, enjoyed her larger-than-life personality and sense of humor. She had a witty joke for every occasion—even if the joke was on her.

Her lasting legacy will be the gift of hope she gave to so many through her music and the strength she found in Jesus.

We thank everyone for their messages of love and support

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