Online you can rate your teacher, restaurant, or any list of other things. Now, on a German website,, you can rate your pastor. Here is the English translation of the site.

There are five areas you rank the pastor on:
worship – how good is the service you lead; and is there room for new people
credibility – do you trust the pastor; does s/he live up to the values preached?
on the cutting edge – does s/he have a finger on the pulse or is out of touch?
youth work – works with youth and can be trusted with youth
elderly – provides opportunities for the elderly

Each is ranked out of a top score of 6 and then averaged. A sheep is provided as a rating icon alongside the averaged score: white sheep, very good; black sheep, very bad.

Pope Benedict XVI is coloured grey, scoring an average of 3.89 out of a possible 6. He scores lowest on having his finger on the pulse, and is judged as living in a world of his own.

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